Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Woo Hoo! New Muppet Movie!

This will mean serious excitement at our house for everyone, especially The Peanut (and her momma!).

A new Muppet movie is just over the horizon:
Though they’ve done some television, the late Jim Henson’s showbiz-loving puppets haven’t made a feature film in 12 years (the last was 1999′s Muppets From Space,) so this movie imagines what might have happened to them in the downtime. “Fozzie Bear is doing a terrible lounge act in Reno, Nev., singing old Muppet songs,” Segel said. “It’s no Vegas. And I wrote a scene for Miss Piggy hoping we would shoot in Paris, but it turned out to be incredibly easy to fake on a green screen.”
The movie also stars Jason Segal, Amy Adams and Chris Cooper, and it really sounds like a hoot.  It is set to open the last week of November, conveniently around Thanksgiving.  (Wow, what a shocking coincidence, eh?)

Please, please, please let this mean they revive The Muppet Show.  Could we possibly get that lucky?!?

(YouTube is Kermit and Debbie Harry on The Muppet Show singing part of The Rainbow Connection.  Love it.)

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Suzanne said...

i would totally watch the muppet show on tv if it was revived... but its gotta be snarky and appeal to both kids and grownups -- just like the original did.