Tuesday, March 29, 2011

For WV Residents: A Request For Some Help

Folks from WV:

Please take some time today to call Sen. Manchin and voice your opposition to all attempts to defund Planned Parenthood and the federal Title X family planning information program.  In West Virginia, in poor rural communities especially, Planned Parenthood offices are one of the few places where women can go to get low cost birth control and information about preventing pregnancies and STDs, and other vital women's reproductive health information including prenatal care which is vital to their babies as they develop in the womb.

Sen. Manchin is trying to hide behind his personal opposition to abortion, but NONE of the federal funding goes to abortions by law.  NONE.

Please let his office know that you will not put up with him failing to read the bills or obfuscating the facts -- women in WV deserve far better than this.  Especially rural poor women in our state who are the most vulnerable on these issues, and whose babies desperately need them to get decent prenatal care.

Sen. Manchin's DC office number is 202-224-3954.

His WV offices are 304-342-5855 and 304-264-4626.  Thanks!

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