Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A Taste Of Spring

Every year, the Lyman Conservatory at Smith College hosts a Spring Bulb Show.

When I was a student at Smith, I used to go every year because the bulb show falls precisely at the point where I could not stand having to trudge over one more mound of sand-filthed snow pile another day.  It offers the campus and surrounding community a sort of refuge from the gray and dingy, which I would grab onto like a drowning person would grab for a life preserver in the middle of the choppy ocean.

While I was in Northampton last week, I got to re-visit this old friend and took in the bulb show again at a point in my life where I needed a little bit of refreshment.

I took the above photo while I was there, along with a lot of other pictures that I'll share with you.

But for this morning, while I'm still catching things up at the house and gearing up for The Peanut's birthday this weekend?  I just have time to give you a taste of Spring.  Enjoy.

(Photo by Christy Hardin Smith.  Taken with my Canon EOS Rebel and an 18-135 mm lens. 

I was going for a sort of impressionist feel with the focus and blurred background on this, and I am really happy with how it turned out.  Not so easy to take a picture in a crowded greenhouse when you are trying very hard not to block the aisle for too long so as not to inconvenience the entire rest of the room.  LOL  I need to work on my artistic ego a bit, I think.  Please, only use this picture if you give named credit and a link back to this blog.  Thanks!)

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