Sunday, March 27, 2011

Pole Dancing For Jesus

Can.  Not.  Stop.  Laughing.

(h/t to Jack Logar, whose radio commentary on this was so funny, I almost had to pull the car over...)


Sharon said...

I can't get my chin off the floor.

Watching all of these women, including the ones in the "news" studio, I totally understand the rampant suspicion of the "intellectual elite" when intelligence is in such short supply.

Thanks for posting this, Christy. It is funny, if a sad commentary on what people are (not) thinking.

Christy Hardin Smith said...

Sharon, I hear you. Mr. ReddHedd and I have spent the entire weekend making up new classes that are equally amusing, inappropriate and downright hilarious:

"Lap Dancing For Luke"

"Nipples For Nebuchadnezzar"

"Booty Call For Bartholomew"

"Sashaying For Sodom"

Although, come to think of it, Sodom would probably take all of the above, as would Gomorrah. LOL

I feel badly for the girl who is teaching the class who clearly does not get why this is so hilarious and noteworthy -- she really does not seem to get it. And now the poor girl is the butt of an internet joke that will likely be viral if it isn't already. So sad for her.

But, nonetheless, I couldn't help but share. We have been laughing about this for 3 days at our house. hehehehehe

Sharon said...

Now I am laughing! I will be working those into a Sunday School lesson sometime. Count on it!