Thursday, January 20, 2011

Clear The Clutter Club Check-In

It's Thursday -- time for a check-in for folks trying to clear their own clutter.

How is everyone doing on goal setting -- have you set things up so that you can measure progress?  Having trouble narrowing your goals down to a manageable list (a perennial problem of mine, I always try to tackle way more than I can sanely handle all at once)?

Have you taken any steps toward your goals this week?  Or do you feel like you are moving backward instead?

Share a little with everyone.  How are things going?

At our house, we've definitely gotten back on the right track in terms of diet, and Mr. ReddHedd is managing to exercise regularly as well.  (I am, alas, still as yet unable to do much beyond stretching because my ginormous burn is still healing.  But soon, I hope, I'll be back on the exercise wagon as well.)

Even without the exercise?  Just by eating healthy food in moderate portions, I've already lost about 6 pounds.  Woo hoo!

I've also made a chart (with Mr. ReddHedd's Excel help) to track my progress on a weekly basis, so I can see where weight loss begins to stall and tweak the diet and exercise to keep moving forward toward my ultimate goals. 

Healthy living, here I come!  And I posted the chart on the fridge as some extra incentive to keep thinking that way, too.

And I've begun the decluttering process at our house, beginning with some work on our living room.  I hope to finish it by the end of this week and start on the sun room next.  I thought starting with the rooms we use most and working my way around the house would be the best way to make an immediate impact.

I learned a valuable lesson last week -- that by just doing the dishes instead of fretting, that one little action made a huge difference in my outlook.  Imagine how several of those little actions could make an impact on our overall space.  I plan on finding out at our house over the next few weeks, and the clutter that has begun to breed -- especially while I was out of commission during my recent burn injury -- will no longer be trying to take over once I get through with all of this, I hope.

My writing goals?  Not moving forward yet.  But the fact that I've begun to tackle two out of three makes me really happy, and I'm going to build on that excitement and push myself forward on this as well.

So, thus far?  While not perfect, I'm at least making progress, which is more than I could say a couple of weeks ago.  How are things going with you?

(Photo via spengy.  Love it.)


Christy Hardin Smith said...

One thing that I did today: set a kitchen timer for 30 minutes, and then ran around the living room with a trash bag throwing away any trash, broken toys or anything else that really couldn't be salvaged. Everything else that I touched either got put away in it's appropriate place or placed in a bin for donation sometime next week.

And I'll tell you what, it is absolutely amazing how much you can accomplish in just 30 minutes!

winst said...

Talking about goals I am glad to have gone half way in to this month with out smoking.Thank God

Christy Hardin Smith said...

Good for you on quitting smoking! That's such a tough thing to do in the early stages. We have a dear friend who quit smoking recently after 30 years of it -- it's been tough on the front end, but she feels sooooooo much better overall. So yay for you!