Saturday, January 29, 2011

Be Mine

A couple of quick ideas for Valentine's Day.

Yes, it is a bit early, but who wants to wait until the last minute?

-- If you or your child want to give out Valentine's cards, might I suggest getting these adorable ones from Save the Children?  I got them for The Peanut this year, and they really do have some cute pictures on them.  Proceeds go to Save The Children's programs for children in poverty in the US, including some great educational efforts.  Now that's a great way to spread the love, right?

-- For the best chocolates you will ever taste in your life, try some sweets for your sweet (or yourself!) from Holl's Chocolates.  Full disclosure -- the owner is a dear friend of mine from high school, and I was a taste tester for his dad when the family first started the business way, way back.  But honestly?  I'd seriously consider crawling across hot coals in order to snag a box of their chocolate truffles if it included the triple sec truffles, the marzipan and the mocha truffles.  Uh.  Mah.  GAWD.  They are divine, hand made and not full of preservatives or other junk -- just pure chocolate goodness.  And if you like raspberry?  Try the milk chocolate raspberry truffle, it is beyond yummy, too.

Dang it, now I'm craving Holl's chocolates...

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