Thursday, December 2, 2010

On My Bird Feeder Today...

Look who I caught on my bird feeder this morning?

He's been playing peek-a-boo with me today whenever he's seen me at the computer.

The bluejay pair has been hanging out and snatching peanuts ever since I filled up the feeder yesterday. I caught this one posing with his treasure this morning.

He was as curious about my camera as I was about trying to get the right focus.  Not sure I completely hit the mark here, but I was trying to use manual focus instead of automatic to blur out the background a bit more.  Plus, I was shooting through the window, so I couldn't use a flash to brighten things.  I bet there is some way to make the color pop more, but I haven't figured it out just yet.

But I will.  It is too fun being this close to the feeder and being able to get some nice shots of my feathered visitors.  Next step is probably a tripod and some sort of potted plant in here to make me stealthier.  And perhaps a nice telephoto lens at some point to get finer detail.

But one thing at a time -- first, I try to figure out the camera settings and then go from there, eh?  I am seriously having a blast with this.

Have I mentioned that I am loving my new camera?

And now?  Back to cookies...

PS -- Julie has a far better shot of a blue jay here.  And also here.  Look at that color -- just lovely!

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