Sunday, December 26, 2010

Just Pausing For A Moment To Say...

Just pausing for a moment of gratitude this morning.  Thank you so much for being readers here.

And, further, a huge thank you to everyone who has used the Amazon search link on the sidebar of this blog to purchase any items.  Or used any Amazon links in my posts to purchase any items.

Your purchases over the last few months have enabled me to pick up a couple of books for donation to The Peanut's school library, which were very much appreciated.  Additionally, you've helped to supply my taste in (particularly hard to find here in WV) British tea on at least one occasion which makes sitting and writing a lot more fun for me, and also helped me most recently purchase the The Indian Slow Cooker cookbook I'd been ogling for quite a while.

I promise a review of it will be forthcoming as soon as I've had time to read, cook and digest several of the recipes therein.

Also, I've recently had an offer to review an item of my choice from a company with a fairly diverse internet presence (they have several website from what I've been able to figure out) which makes furniture and other home items, including home bar furniture, rugs and all sorts of organizing goodies, and also cooking and homeware.

Am still trying to decide what, if anything, I'll review -- if there is an item you think looks intriguing, but you'd be reluctant to buy it without someone testing it first, let me know and I'll see what I can do.   My budget isn't huge, though, so keep that in mind.

Otherwise, I'll try to figure something out that might be universally intriguing and we'll see how that goes.  Either way, it will be an honest and full review if I decide to do this.

Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday -- we had a great Christmas, despite The Peanut having some early morning barfing Christmas morning.  Mercifully, it only lasted a couple of hours and we all ended the day relaxed and having fun.

Again, thanks to everyone for ordering from the Amazon links here.  I try to use whatever residual money comes back from the blog to further future posts, so I appreciate your investment in whatever comfort and joy you gain from reading here, as much as I gain from writing it.

On a personal note, to the reader who sent me something from my Wish List, but managed to do so anonymously which was really unexpected, a huge thank you.

Thanks so much to one and all!   Here's to the end of 2010, and finding more comfort and joy together in the coming year as well...

(Artwork via woodley wonderworks.)


Mr. Reddhedd said...

I add my thanks to Christy's. This blog has been both fun to read for me and has enabled my darling wife to express her true self. That makes life in our house better, provides a good example for the Peanut, and allows my darling wife to share her, what I believe to be, brilliant self with the world (really, I'm not biased. No, really :-).

Christy Hardin Smith said...

Thanks, baby. :)