Tuesday, November 30, 2010

One Of My Favorite Christmas Treats

Every year, our family picks out several needy kids through our local Salvation Army, and we put together stockings filled with toys, warm gloves and assorted other fun things for them. 

It's one of my very favorite things to do for Christmas. 

Today was my annual shopping day for stocking goodies, and I had a blast.

We had four children to shop for this year:  two tiny babies (so fun!), a little girl about The Peanut's age and a boy who was just a few years older.   So it was a very mixed group of shopping, but a fun one nonetheless.

I managed to find some lovely baby toys, including a few teething items that doubled as learning toys, and the most adorable hat and mitten sets -- a pink bunny one for the baby girl and a brown bear one for the baby boy.  Too cute!

For the girl who is The Peanut's age, I used my own child as a guide and got some Hello Kitty items, lots of fun toys, card games, coloring items and copious amounts of lip gloss (a very popular item for the young lady set these days), along with some soft, warm gloves.  For the slightly older boy, I found some games and cards, a warm hat and gloves and a small radio with earphones (and also the needed batteries).

I hope all of the kiddos that receive our gifts will enjoy them as much as we enjoy giving them.

There have been years when members of my own family barely had anything to give to their kids at Christmas, and family, friends, church folks and even the Salvation Army a time or two stepped in to make things merry and bright.  There is nothing worse as a kid to feel forgotten when everyone around you is getting something in their stocking.  By doing this every year, we feel like at least we've helped a few kids to have a merrier, happier Christmas...and that means a lot to us.

Do something nice for someone in need near you.  I guarantee it will make your holidays a little brighter.

(Photo via scottwills.)

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