Sunday, November 28, 2010

It's Christmas Cookie Season!

Ooooooooh, the weather outside is frightful, which means it is Christmas cookie season at my house.

It started back when we had very little money and needed to figure out how to get Christmas presents for friends and family back when we were first married.  I baked some cookies with cooking goodies that I had on hand and some flour I found on a major holiday sale, and they were a huge hit.

So I've been making big tins and platters of cookies every year since, some special ones by annual request.

This year?  I debated whether I would do them or not because we've been trying to eat healthier and cookies and candies are not exactly in the usual "eating healthier" range of recipes, now are they?

But I need to make some cookies for The Peanut's school.  "And what's a few more for friends and family?" I said to myself.  Next thing you know, I'm pulling my cookie cookbooks off the shelves and planning for the cookie cooking fest.

"Hello.  My name is Christy.  And I'm a cookie cooking-o-holic."

So here's what I know I'll have to make, based on standing requests from family and friends:

-- Chocolate-walnut fudge
-- Rum balls
-- Snickerdoodles
-- Peanutbutter cups
-- Brownie bites with either peppermint or German chocolate frosting

But I'm still browsing, so I'm open to suggestion on cookie recipes.  I think I might come up with a few refrigerator varieties so I can make the dough ahead of time and then just slice and bake as I'm making trays so they are fresh -- maybe some lemon ones and some spiced maple pecan?

What are your favorite cookies for the holidays?  Do share...

(Photo via westpark.  The little Santa is adorable, isn't he?)

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