Monday, January 2, 2017


Every new year, I come up with these lofty goals that get lost in the day to day shuffle and the working grind as the year whizzes by me at the speed of light.  Then at the end of the year, I begin to look back and realize how little was accomplished of my goals from the beginning of the year's resolutions.

Very frustrating way to keep spinning on the hamster wheel, I must say, and not exactly confidence inspiring for this year's goals, either.

2016 was especially challenging for a variety of reasons.  We were incredibly busy, for one thing, because The Peanut's activity and extra lessons schedule has become crazy busy all on its own.  When you throw in work-related challenges and changes, including me beginning to teach multiple US history, world history and civics classes at the high school this year...and it makes for a LOT of work and very little time around the edges for healthy cooking or even for contemplation.

2017 doesn't look like it will slow down any time soon, either.

Which leads us to this fork in the road:  either I spend some time over the next couple of days planning and paring down my strategy to something workable on a daily basis, prioritizing healthy foods in the house and making contingency plans for days when cooking is impossible or I resign myself to being unhealthy, overweight, and increasingly miserable in my own body.

Yep, planning smarter it is.

This year, I have small, daily goals:  get some exercise every single day, make good food choices with every bite that I put into my mouth -- especially more veggies and fruit and as few processed bits as I can make happen - and carve out some time for contemplation, self-care and general de-stressing of some sort.

If at the end of any given week, I can look back and say I managed this 5 days or more out of 7?  Then I'll consider that a win.

The next couple of hours, at least, will be devoted to some food planning for this week.  Whole and healthy foods, here we come...

(Photo of sunrise over the Grand Canyon's south rim by Christy Hardin Smith.)

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