Saturday, January 2, 2016

Finally A Wee Bit Frozen

Woke up to a frozen world outside this morning.  Winter finally decided to show up in terms of frigid temperatures, at least, and I was not prepared for it somehow this morning.  My hands were frozen while walking the dog this morning.

Time to break out the winter gear.  The fact that it took all the way to January to be forced to do so this year is just an added weird weather bonus, I suppose.

My bird feeders have been stripped bare at this point in the morning.  The birds weren't prepared for the quickly descending cold snap either, and they have cleaned out the birdseed remnants in the already fairly barren feeders.  We hadn't gotten around to refilling anything since we got home from our Christmas beach trip, but that's going to have to change this morning if the grumpy chickadee outside has his chirpy way.

It is good to be inside our snug and cozy house.  There may be a warm blanket, a nice fire in the fireplace and a Downton Abbey marathon in my future today, in advance of tomorrow's season 6 premiere.

But first, there will be a pick-up excursion to snag The Peanut from an early morning basketball practice, and a potential trip to the store for some healthy food to re-stock the fridge for the week.  Am in the planning stages for a very healthy menu plan for this first week of the New Year, and enjoying thinking healthy thoughts this morning.  (Have you discovered Kalyn's Kitchen, yet?  Some seriously delicious looking recipes there -- can't wait to try some of her ideas for no-cook, healthy lunches.  Yummy!)

Life is very, very good here. Hope it is good for your as well.

(Photo via Miroslav Petrasko.  Gorgeous!)


Kalyn Denny said...

Thanks for the nice shout-out for my blog!

Christy Hardin Smith said...

Kalyn - thank you for such a wonderful and easy to navigate resource. Your recipes look yummy, and I love how healthy so many of them are. Thanks for all of the great work you've put into your site - it's really impressive!