Monday, November 2, 2015

Meet Katniss

On my birthday a couple of weeks ago, The Peanut found a little kitten on the way home from school.  The poor, wee kitty was half-starved, very cold and miserable, and almost dehydrated, and she had a broken piece on her tail that we think likely happened when she was attacked by a dog (just based on her very adverse reaction to our little westie, Roxie).

We spent most of the afternoon waiting at the veterinarian's office trying to make sure she wasn't sick or carrying anything that could harm our other pets before we brought her inside.  Thankfully, aside from some roundworms and fleas, she was in very good health for a kitty that clearly was desperately in need of some TLC.

The Peanut has named her Katniss, because she is such a good survivor.

After a couple of weeks of quarantine and consistent access to food and water, I am happy to report that Katniss is growing and happy, and that we have managed to introduce her to our dog and our other kitty, Sheldon, without much fuss.  I caught the kitties playing together a bit this morning, which was a wonderful change from the growling and hissing over territory that we were getting last week.

It's good to have a new addition to the house.  Especially one as adorable as this kitty is.


robin andrea said...

That's a very lucky kitty cat to have found her way into your heart and home. Sweet story.

Linda said...

Sweet story! Adorable kitty. :)