Friday, November 20, 2015

Clean Sweep

The pre-holiday cleaning has begun in earnest this week.  I started with our sunroom, since our big Christmas tree goes in there and clutter needed to be cleared for that to work.  It is gorgeous in here now that all the corners, nooks and crannies have been exhumed.

So much so that I may put off the tree and its trimmings for a few days just to bask in the uncluttered glory of it all.

Today, the dining room must be tackled, and am hoping to get some of the kitchen done as well.  It is amazing how much things can just unconsciously pile up, bit by bit, when you are focused on surviving cancer surgery or running around from one practice to another with your child.

But I am determined to tackle a few of our problem areas over the course of the next week, so that everything will be in much better shape before the holiday rush of crazy begins.

Now, if I can only get some of our relatives to stop buying us piles of stuff we don't need, maybe I can keep the clutter at bay well after the holidays, too.  Hope springs eternal...

(Photo via kitakitts.)

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