Monday, September 7, 2015

Running on Empty

Despite this being a holiday weekend, with that extra kick of a Labor Day break, I feel like I am completely running on empty.

The whole family is fighting off a cold right now -- The Peanut is on the back end of it, Mr. ReddHedd is right in the middle and is snot factor 100+ at the moment, and I'm just trying to stay so far on the fringe of both of them that my paltry immune system survives the assault with a minimal impact.  We have one little house, and I feel like we are all circling each other with varying degrees of some nasty germ warfare bug on steroids, based on the rate at which we have been going through boxes of kleenex.

Up until yesterday evening, I would have told you that I was winning the battle.  But last night, there was a lot of violent sneezing.  Then this morning began with an instantaneous grab for the kleenex box and a stagger to the coffee pot for revival.


Summer colds are the worst, aren't they?

Especially on a day which was supposed to be a planning day for our week.  Planning for yet another foray into the world of healthier eating and a little more exercise because both of us are feeling blah and exhausted, and neither of us wants to sink into our golden years unable to move.

It is as though my body knew that some light weight work and cardio was coming, and decided to launch a pre-emptive strike.  But I do not care.

There will be healthy eating and some exercise anyway.  So there.

Furthermore, I will find a way to refill this tank, if it means going to bed at 8:00 pm every night for the rest of the week.

I am absolutely failing to take good care of myself at the moment, and that is deadly where I'm concerned.  Too much running around taking care of too many things all at once without any let-up, too little fruit and veg, too little exercise and no decent downtime, and a to do list that goes on for eons.  I cannot be the only person who feels this way, but it does seem like it is just me floundering about with this all the time.

Give me hope, dear reader.  Tell me how you have pulled yourself out of this becalmed doldrum of the soul and body and made things better.  Or tell me how you are also struggling and that we will find a way together.  Something.  Anything.

Help me find a way to stop running on empty...

(Because I raised the specter of a Jackson Browne song with my title, here is a link to Running on Empty (YouTube) so you can get the ear worm out of your system.)

(Photo via Daniel Szwalkiewicz.)

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