Thursday, September 24, 2015

Homecoming Mayhem

This week is Homecoming at The Peanut's junior high/high school, which has meant a crazy schedule, an enormous amount of painting and crafting, and way too little sleep at our house.

As one of the girls in her class said to me, "This has ruined tissue paper forever."  Amen.

Until next year, of course, when the'll do it all over again.

These are the years when time flies by at the speed of light, and we will look back at the end of the rush and wonder where the time has gone.  I try to be conscious of that when I crawl up to bed, exhausted, at the end of another day of frenzy, but it can be hard to keep perspective when you are living on fumes.

This afternoon, you can find me helping the kids to throw together their float for the Homecoming parade, and then coming home to help The Peanut paint signs for their skit tomorrow.  Friday is the football game, and we'll be there to cheer on the Irish.

Saturday?  I'm sleeping in...with relish.

It has been fun reliving all the Homecoming mayhem through The Peanut's eyes.  It's amazing how much more tired you are as an adult than I was as a kid all those many years ago.  It's almost like traveling back in time, but through some sort of looking glass that saps your energy levels to half speed.

In any case, fun will be had again today and tomorrow.  Then, blissful sleep every chance I get this weekend.  Hope you get to do the same.

(Photo via Still Burning.)

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