Thursday, August 20, 2015

Finding Ways To Stay Sane During Back To School Week

This week has been a blur of teacher's meetings, getting the room ready, yesterday's Open House and then The Peanut's first day of junior high.  In all of the rushing around, we really haven't had a chance to savor this huge step as The Peanut moves from the little elementary school she has attended since she was tiny to the larger combined junior high and high school.

It is a huge step.

Seems like we ought to be celebrating the change a little more, but instead we have been rushing around like crazy people all week long, continually adding and subtracting from all of our "to do" lists, and from one practice to another, without really pausing to think about any of this.  That needs to change.

So I'm trying to come up with a way to celebrate a little bit this evening in the limited time we will all be home together.  (Which isn't much -- cheer practices switched to daily mode last week.  So mom's taxi service is in full swing once again.)

Thinking about all of that, it is abundantly clear to me that I haven't done as much pre-planning as usual this year.  Somehow it slipped my grasp and the start of school rushed forward as more of a surprise this year than ever before.  Could be due to the fact that we had such an abbreviated summer -- late finish to last year's school year and an early start to this one cut several weeks out of our normal summer routine.

As I sit here in the quiet of the house, with The Peanut out the door to school and the hubby at work, it seems like a good time to think about ways to make all of this more streamlined going forward -- to do a little advanced planning for meals, organization, and assorted other disorganized bits and pieces of our lives.  If I am going to survive this busy school year with any measure of sanity and humor, a little planning would be a good idea.

How are you re-organizing things this year to make your life easier and more streamlined?  Do tell -- because I could use a few new good ideas.

(Photo via William Warby.)

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