Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Snow Day

It is pouring the snow down outside at the moment and has been for several hours.  The roads appear to be horrid, based on how slowly everyone is driving on the road in front of the house like snow-covered, cautious snails.

The poor birdies outside have very little to fight over, as I haven't been able to get out to refill my bird feeders since my surgery.   The photo above is from a storm last winter.  Think of this same cardinal staring woefully in at me, while pecking at a mostly empty feeder hoping beyond hope to find a remnant, succulent morsel of something good.

I have bird guilt.

The Peanut will, hopefully, be able to fill things up for me later today, once she finishes her school snow packet work for today.

Just based on the rate of snow, I'd say her basketball game this evening may end up being cancelled as well.

When winter decides to arrive, apparently it does so with gusto.  But it is hard to complain, given that we don't live anywhere near Buffalo-level snow belt craziness.  So I'll just sit back in the warmth of my cozy house and enjoy the view.

UPDATE:  Hooray for The Peanut, who went out and filled up the feeders for me.  It is so good to have a helpful child who is home on a school snow day, especially if you are a fluffed out, cold and hungry birdie.

(Photo by Christy Hardin Smith.)

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