Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Holiday Prep Mode

It's is full-on holiday prep mode at our house today.  The dining room table needs to be cleared, extraneous decorative knick knacks need to be put away to make room for Thanksgiving food.

It's go time for the holiday preparations.

The good news is that the tree is up and mostly decorated.  We'll be finishing it together this evening, complete with carols blasting and eggnog in our cups.  But today will be all about house prep and food staging for tomorrow's cook-a-thon.

Yesterday, I managed to get all the remaining holiday food bits and pieces, with the exception of our turkey which will be picked up fresh on Wednesday.  (Please don't snow so much that I can't get to the turkey...please,. please, please.)  I found some perfect turkey necks and thighs yesterday, to make a large amount of my usual Crockpot Turkey Stock.  Good stock really does make the difference for yummy stuffing and gravy.

Today, I'm planning to make a large ham in the crockpot, so we'll have that to eat on for the next couple of days, along with sweet potato casserole.  Whatever leftover we have by Thursday will get folded into the Thanksgiving table along with the rest.

Hopefully, I can get my Granny's Fresh Cranberry Salad recipe made today as well -- one less thing to make for Thursday and I'll be able to eat some every day for the rest of the week.  Yummy!

All of this has taken on a lot more urgency for me this year, because I have yet another impending surgery.  This one is scheduled for December 16th, and will be a little more extensive in some ways than what I've had to deal with in the past.Extras good thoughts and prayers would be much appreciated.

What this means is that all the pre-holiday prep and shopping needs to be done well before then.  I know...yikes...tight time frame.  So I'd better get hopping, because there is a lot more to do between now and then.

Hope the holiday prep is going well at your house, too.  Hang in there...Christmas is coming.

(Photo of one of our tree ornaments by Christy Hardin Smith.)

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