Monday, September 8, 2014

New Bird Feeder -- Hooray!

Spent an hour this morning digging a huge hole for a 4x4x6 post for my new bird feeder.  Am certain the neighbors really appreciated the early morning hammering, but I wanted to get our new bird feeder in before it got too hot today.

And...voila!...the Heath Grande Gazebo Feeder, in all of its glory.

It has a screw-on cap, so the squirrels won't be able to just lift it off and gorge themselves (she types hopefully!).  The sides that hold in the seed cannot be raised up unless the top is taken off first, which also ought to slow the little furry fiends down a bit.  The lip on this is very small, so it is also designed to make it tough for pigeons to perch and feed -- which is good, because they make a mess and drive me bonkers.

The best part is that this holds up to 20 pounds of seed.  This will hopefully reduce the need for trudging back and forth so much through the frigid ice and snow this winter.

So far, only a little chickadee has found it.  But I am hopeful that the ravenous winged hordes are soon to follow.

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