Friday, August 29, 2014

Busy And Cheerful

School has begun, and my teaching duties have started into full swing.  The Peanut has had cheer practice practically every day since the start of August -- yes, I am officially a cheer mom this year, hear me whimper.

Given that I am severely hair challenged, if we get through this cheer year without a major hairstyling meltdown, I will be most grateful.  But I am not confident on that score.

Plus, the ginormous cavalcade of crazy that is the Italian Heritage Festival is this weekend, and The Peanut will be singing in the children's chorus every day, and in a parade, and doing other stuff all weekend long...which means I'll be doing stuff with her downtown amid the hustle and bustle all weekend long.

Sorry for the scanty posting of late.  But you can see why finding time to blog has been a challenge. 

(Above photo of The Peanut at her football program cheer photo shoot yesterday.  Just before we had to go to chorus dress rehearsal.  Aiiiyeeee, she is no longer my tiny little Peanut.)

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