Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Creative Process: Sting, Ships and Excavating Childhood

This is an extraordinary interview with Sting at the 92nd Street Y.

No idea how I missed this when it was posted last October (perhaps chemo and radiation had something to do with my mind being elsewhere, eh?), but it is a meaty discussion about the roots of the new Broadway show that Sting is doing and his creative process in putting the material together.

Just brilliant stuff.

Discussion about creative process fascinates me.  Especially with someone who has been as prolific and thoughtful about it as Sting has been over the course of his lengthy career, with a commitment to the craft of writing and high standards of performance all along the way.  How on earth do you maintain that level of striving for excellence in everything you write, you compose, you play, you put together, all over the course of an entire lifetime?  That absolutely fascinates me.

Take some time and enjoy this one. 

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