Thursday, June 5, 2014


This time of year is so amazingly filled with blooms and buds.  It is crazy around our yard at the moment:  hanging baskets of hot magenta pink ivy geraniums are cascading down from our porch roof, our deeply red roses have burst into bloom everywhere across the front of the house, the day lilies and tiger lilies have begun to pop as well.

My one sorrow is that our lovely, giant butterfly bush did not make it through last winter's bitter cold.

We are going to have to cut it out and start anew.  I suppose it allows me to find a different color from the deep purple that we had -- perhaps one with a more reddish tinge to attract more hummingbirds, if I can find one.  But it is a loss, nonetheless.  The old one had gotten high enough that I could see butterflies all over it out our higher side windows, and I loved that view from my desk chair.

It will be a day of errands and cleaning and dance recital dress rehearsal practice, with a traveling Broadway production at the end -- Beauty and the Beast is in town, and we have tickets.

Busy day.  Nice to take a little time this morning to stop and appreciate the flowers.

Breathing in the scent of our tea roses while I type this.  Ahhhhhhhhhh...

(Photo via Rick Leche.  This is just the color of our geraniums, too!  Lovely.)

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