Saturday, May 31, 2014

500 Miles

For the David Tennant and Dr. Who fans out there, I give you a gigantic smile of a video. Enjoy.

The past several weeks have been an absolute blur.  Blogging has been irregular, at best, because I have been teaching full time, and completely exhausted because I've left all my energy in the classroom pretty much every single day. 

Yesterday was the last day of school for the kids, though, and things should be getting back to normal for me over the course of the next week.

Which will hopefully mean that things will get back to normal here as well.

A glimpse of what I've been up to:

We had a Willy Wonka party for the kids last week, to celebrate finishing Roald Dahl's classic Charlie & the Chocolate Factory.  I made these edible mushrooms from marshmallow stems and donut hole caps dipped in melting chocolate, with white chocolate chips for the dots.  They were too cute, and a big hit with all the kids -- especially the ones that like to play Super Mario.

The party was a blast, but I was worn out by the end of it and had to keep on slogging for another couple of days beyond.  Say it with me:  summer break.  Hooray!

More pix from the party:

(Photos by Tonya Drummond, one of my awesome homeroom moms, who brought along her chocolate fountain for the kids to dip assorted goodies in throughout the party.)

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