Sunday, March 16, 2014

Playing Catch Up

These snarky Heinz labels are hilarious!

This week has gotten away from me entirely in terms of posting here.  Teaching is taking every ounce of energy I have at the moment, and I apologize profusely to readers who were worried that something had happened this week to keep me away.

Things are really good, just a wee bit on the crazy side of the line.

Got some really good mammogram results back this week:  according to my full diagnostic report, everything looks as good as we could have hoped for it to look.  No evidence of any new growth, nothing that gives them any pause whatsoever.  It's a miracle, and one that I will gladly accept.

Hopefully, we'll get a little bit of a break for a while on the health front.  Heaven knows we could use one.

We'll be starting a reading unit on Charlie and the Chocolate Factory in class this week.  I figured if I am working the kids like crazy on math, social studies and grammar, then reading should be a little more fun from now to the end of the year.  So we're doing this novel unit and will hopefully be laughing a lot in the next few weeks.

Hope life is treating everyone else well.

(Photo via Craft0logy.)

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Anonymous said...

Hats off to you for taking on the teaching gig. In my experience, there is no job more exhausting. Just having to pay attention non-stop with no breaks is the most draining part of the work. When you have an office job or a sales job or any other job, you can pause and stare out the window if you want. In front of a classroom full of kiddies, no such luxury. Again, I really admire your stamina. And congrats on the great mammogram results!