Thursday, February 13, 2014

More Snow Pix From The Winter That Won't Quit

UPDATE:  Thought I would pass along a couple of links to free coloring pages that you can print for use at home (if you have power, that is).  We snow-day-crazed parents have to stick together.  Here's one from Crayola that has a fairly extensive collection and another great one from children's book illustrator Elizabeth Dulemba.  I use both of these for my library classes quite a bit, and thought they might come in handy for the cabin fever set this week, too!

It has been birdie central on our feeders this morning.  So glad I refilled them before the latest snowstorm hit.

Even the cardinals are looking disgusted at the latest round of snow.

We will be staying put today, thank you very much, especially since The Peanut had to come home early from school yesterday.  Fever, aches, general ick, a trip to the pediatrician and a prescription all yesterday, so today will be a lot of resting, fluids, repeat for her.  It's a very good day to be snowed in for her.

Here she is snuggling with our new kitty, Sheldon, after she got home yesterday:

It is good to have some Olympics to watch and a soft kitty who likes to snuggle when you are feeling lousy.

No idea how much snow we have gotten during this storm, but our westie had to wade out into the yard this morning and came back in with her coat absolutely covered in snow.   It's enough that she'll want to go back out for another romp later, and coming down hard enough that her tracks are already covered over and then some.

Whew!  What a winter!

Here is the view out our sun room window:

(Photos by Christy Hardin Smith.)

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