Sunday, February 23, 2014

Barbarians And Fiends At The Gates

The local squirrel population is eating me out of house and home.  At the very least, they are chowing through a LOT of birdseed from the feeders, stuffing their face pouches to the brim and mocking me through the sun room windows all the while.

Our westie, Roxie, is about to lose her mind.

Especially with the one squirrel who likes to hang off the edge of our large feeder with his back paws while chewing on a peanut and waving a front paw at her through the large sun room windows.  That one is pure, delighted evil and he knows it.

Having tried any number of feeder devices through the years to baffle or thwart the furry little fiends, I have found nothing that actually works.  Perhaps it is the cost of doing business with birdfeeding that you pay your daily protection bounty to the marauding hordes, but it irks me that I have yet to find a solution.

Has anyone had any success in keeping the squirrels our of their feeders?  Even the wire mesh feeders do no good here, because the savvy local squirrels just climb onto the feeders and gently rock them to and fro until seeds fall out for collection from the ground below. 

Any hints on what has worked for you would be much appreciated.  Or, in the alternative, if nothing has ever worked for you, please say so -- acceptance of the way things are is the first step to getting better, I hear.

(Photo via Jyrki Salmi.)

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