Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween: Minion Madness

After teaching all day yesterday, I came home and made Despicable Me Minions out of twinkies, frosting and candy eyeballs.

They are hilariously fun.

They will be topping cupcakes at The Peanut's school Halloween party today, and I hope the kids enjoy them.  Got the idea from Fidlers Under One Roof -- they are just too cute in person, let alone in a picture.

If you have small children in your life, I can heartily recommend these as a fun crafty "baking" project.  I put the baking in parentheses because I made these with twinkies that I clearly did not bake myself, and will put them on top of cupcakes that I am cheating and buying from a local bakery because I was too tired to make my own.

Exhaustion and cancer treatment remnants may be slowing me down these days, but I refuse to let it stop me altogether.  Not when I can wield an icing pen!

My advice, though:  avoid the gel frosting pens.  They do not dry.  I am currently living in fear about transporting these adorable little minions intact, and will be taking some extra frosting with me just in case.  They only need to make it to school where they will be devoured, so send some good, non-bumpy-road thoughts my way.

Happy Halloween, everyone!

UPDATE:  Here are the finished minion cupcakes.  They were too cute in person:

(Photo by Christy Hardin Smith.)

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