Sunday, September 22, 2013

Missing The Mouse

Funny how you get so attached to certain places, isn't it?  So many good vacation memories, from our honeymoon all the way through to the present, at Disney World.

I could use a little Disney in my day today.

Not that it would do me any good, mind you.  Due to the blisters and assorted radiation burn issues I'm having, walking around at the pace we normally do at Disney World is not in the cards for me at the moment.  Just the thought of walking that much right now makes me physically cringe, to be perfectly honest, which makes me worry a bit about how I will do when we actually do get there on vacation.

Mercifully, that is months away and I will have plenty of time to build back up again, right?  Just need to get through the last two days of radiation first.

Honestly, just about for the last two weeks, I haven't actually been out of the house for anything but the drive back and forth to the hospital for more radiation and a couple of emergency runs to the store where I was in and out as quickly as possible.  Having clothes be painful against your skin makes the whole "out in public" thing a little tricky.

Which makes me miss the Mouse all the more. 

Could use a little Disney magic about now, washing all the worries and fretting away in one more turn through the Pater Pan ride, with the anticipation that Pooh Bear is up next.   Need to find a way to build a little magic into my day today.

(Wonderful photo via Joe Penniston.  Love this!)

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Anonymous said...

Is there some anesthetic salve or ointment that the doctor can prescribe so you at least get some intermittent relief?
Barbara -- always following your journey