Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Hooray! Last Day Of Radiation

It is the last day of radiation.  Hooray!

There cannot possibly be enough celebration at this point.  But we are certainly going to try our best.

Ahead, there will be more testing and a number of years of tamoxifen or something similar, and a bazillion scans and appointments and whatever else may be needed.  My doctor will be going over some of that with me today, and there will be more discussions with even more doctors to come, I'm certain.

But this is a huge milestone, and I am going to savor the heck out of it.

Thank you, one and all, for all the support and encouragement through all of this.  It really has meant the world.

PS -- Radiation comfort tip of the day:  a cheap men's cotton t-shirt, turned inside out so that the seams aren't touching your skin.  It may indeed be nirvana.  Bless you, kind nurse, who taught me this.

(Photo via jonathanrchang.)


robin andrea said...

Celebration time! So happy for you on this last day of radiation.

Maureen A Maloney said...

Happy Days are here again! So happy for you Christy. Prayers will continue and hopefully once you are tested again, you will find yourself cancer free. This is the prayer from all of us. After all of this torture, now may you please reap the rewards. Most of my friends have and we have celebrated! Just remember, we are all still here for you and all you have to do is sing out!! Enjoy the next few days with the DH and the Peanut. You deserve it. Keep us posted as to reports, etc. as we all are very concerned about you. Most of all, bath in the love that is being sent your way and we will get our happiness from hearing from you that all is well.

Much love...Maureen Maloney

Suzanne said...

yay *one legged snoopy happy dance* a huge milestone - so happy you passed it!!!