Monday, September 2, 2013

For All The Whovians In The Audience: A Find

The rebirth of the Dr. Who series apparently owed itself to some chit chat at a cocktail party.

Fun story about how work actually gets done in the world.  How many times in your life has you heard this same story about some project or another getting its start in an innocuous conversation over booze in a lounge or after meeting blahbity blah session or something like that?  A lot, that's what.

Clearly I need to hang out at better cocktail parties.

Or at least ones filled with writer-types and editors who are looking for them.  Of course, it would help if my chemo brain would subside and I would get back to actual writing, too...

In any case, the trailer from BBC One on theDr. Who 50th anniversary looks fantastically fun, doesn't it?  Or maybe I'm just a sucker for anything that involves David Tennant suiting up again.  Love him.

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