Thursday, August 15, 2013

Conquering The Dust Bunnies?

Another day, another attempt at conquering the dust and decorating as long as my legs will hold out.  Chemo has sapped my will to be the Energizer bunny of room readiness:  I just can't go forward through the tired like I used to be able to do.

Am certain it will come back over time, but, wow!, is it inconvenient at the moment.

In better news, my room is actually beginning to look like a functioning library again.  Today, The Peanut will be helping me decorate and there will be much, much more dusting in my future.

With Open House looming tomorrow night, it is going to be an all out sprint today, I'm afraid.  Hope your day is a wonderful one!

(Photo is the front reading corner in my library.  The kids love these benches -- and I love the easy-to-put-up wall decals.  Especially the hedgehog.  Photo by Christy Hardin Smith.)

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