Friday, July 12, 2013

Reason No. 873 To Love Dustin Hoffman

I have always loved Dustin Hoffman. His acting skills are uncanny, he is clearly a consummate professional in terms of attention to detail and really working on his craft from all angles.

His performances in Tootsie and Rain Man are amazing testaments to his acting chops all by themselves.  Honestly, can you watch him in either film and not be completely mesmerized by how he disappears entirely into either character?

Earlier this week, Lainey had a clip up from an AFI interview of Hoffman that made me love him even more.  You have to watch this video above.

Dustin Hoffman really, really gets the internal issues of his character having to play "Dorothy" in Tootsie.  Even more, though, he gets why it is important to both women and to men that the film be done correctly, from that perspective and not played for the cheap guffaws and caricatures that could have been so easy to slip into the usual, cardboard cut-out Hollywood studio piece.

Brilliant stuff.

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