Saturday, May 25, 2013

Recharging My "Frederick" Storehouse

This week has well and truly tested everything I have.  You only have to scroll down the page to see the exhaustion-fueled, anxiety-ridden festival of our day to day existence this week.

The thing is, though?

We made it through together.  Holding on to each other, through the difficult moments and the occasional laughter (yes, there really was some laughter in there, too), and making our way forward as best we could through the morass that is our life at the moment.

So here's the big question:  is this the way life will be going forward?  As we get older, do things just seem to pile up more and more because that's where life takes us?

While I am confident we can weather any storm that gets thrown our way, having to make it through so many storms all at one time has been a challenge that has tested every bit of mental reserve that I possess.

Today, we need to recharge the batteries somehow.

I sense a bit of fun coming on.

You should try to find a little fun for yourself today, too, storing it up like Frederick stored his images and stories in the Leo Lionni classic (one of my all time faves) -- there are long, gray days ahead, and we all need some colorful memories to brighten them.

This week, I see the wisdom in that so much more clearly than I ever have. 

If you have never read Frederick, you really should. It is a superb book, and one that I read to the kids in the library every year, because it teaches us about the value of art and poetry and the careful crafting of words to paint pictures that can transport us to something wonderful.  The kids eat it up, and get introduced to the concept of creativity and imagery at the same time -- so fun!

So pardon me while I go out to find some glorious images and memories to store for the long, dark days ahead.  Something tells me that is increasingly important as I more forward in life.

(Photo of prayer flags hanging in the Asia wildlife trail at Disney's Animal Kingdom by Christy Hardin Smith.)

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