Thursday, May 30, 2013

It Really Is The Little Things

Hallelujah!  My coffee actually tastes like coffee!

This morning, I awoke to a miracle:  my taste buds have begun to function properly again, and my mouth and throat no longer feel like they are on fire.  Chemo has done a number on my sense of taste, attacking all those rapidly multiplying mouth cells as it works its magic on the breast cancer ones at the same time.

It is amazing how much a flaw in one of your major senses can throw everything off kilter.  But, boy, does getting it back make a huge difference.

The best part is that I will have more than a week of truly tasting my food and beverages properly before the next round of chemo.  As a foodie, I cannot tell you how exciting this is. 

When I cook these days, I have been sticking to easily made foods because my taster has been so completely off that I didn't trust myself to make anything intricate or to tweak anything too much without getting a second and even third opinion first.  Being able to cook a few things ahead before the next round, so that we have easy to pull out of the freezer soups and such is truly a huge blessing, and now I'll be able to do just that.

Today is a day for dancing the happy dance.

Our oldest niece, Hannah, is flying in from Phoenix today to hang out with us for a few weeks.  The Peanut is so excited that she may actually burst before Hannah's flight lands this afternoon.  I have to say that Mr. ReddHedd and I are pretty excited about it, too.

This may very well be one of those days when I smile the whole day through.  Huzzah!

You have to savor the little victories where you can, don't you?  Take that, cancer!

(Gorgeous photo via Jc Olivera.  Love the pull focus effect on this!  Must try this in some of my own shots in the future.)

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