Saturday, April 20, 2013

Feeling A Little More Hole-y

The surgery yesterday went well.  My surgeon was pleased, was able to get what he feels was a healthy margin while not having to do a full mastectomy.  This morning, I am sore and moving slowly, but blessedly able to have a little coffee and sit up with my family.

So now we wait for test results from the tumor and the lymph nodes that were biopsied.

Cancer is a lot of hurry up and wait thus far.  We were at the hospital early yesterday -- a little before 8:00 am -- for pre-op testing, locator needle placement, radioactive tracer injections, and then finally surgery.  We didn't get home until after 5:00 pm, and I went straight up to bed and slept like a bear hibernating from the world.

Which may be my natural state of being for the next few days.  Sleep is good.  Haven't gotten a decent night's sleep since they told me this was breast cancer, and my body has decided to use the surgery as a means to catch up again.

If you need me, I'll be crawling back into bed to sleep some more.

But I'll be doing so very grateful for all of the love and support from friends and family.  So a quick thank you to everyone for all the prayers, good wishes and notes over the last few weeks.

I got a note from a friend that she had used my diagnosis as a reminder to get her mammogram done, as she was overdue.  Please feel free to use this as a catalyst to do the same.  Catching breast cancer early is the best thing you can do.  If breast cancer runs in your family, as it does in mine, or if you have a high risk for any reason, please be sure to get your mammogram!

Now if I can just get our westie, Roxie, to stop sniffing at my incision area.  Dogs are so funny.

(Photo of some healthy, lovely melons via No Middle Name.  Tee hee.)

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Gina said...

Christy, your good humor and lucid writing are remarkable gifts. I too will be scheduling my mammogram this week, and thinking of you.