Monday, April 15, 2013


It is funny how, in your mind's eye, you can still be the vibrant, youthful, energetic person you were twenty years ago.  In my heart of hearts, that is who I am still, and perhaps who I always will be in some respects.

But when push comes to shove, right now?  Exhaustion truly is the word of the day.

It has come on gradually, little bit by little bit, and I'm certain that a lot of this is mental exhaustion brought on by one stress or another over the last few weeks (months...years...who is counting, right?), but it is on my last nerve this morning because I have a host of things to complete before my surgery on Friday, and not one spare ounce of energy to get them done.


When we are younger, we feel invulnerable, impervious to stress and strain and ready to conquer the world.  At the moment?  I'm feeling withered and worn out and well and truly conquered.

How can I tap back into that younger, more optimistic core?  That's the big question for this week.  The quest for finding the glass half full begins.  Let's just hope there is enough coffee to give me a jump start...

(Photo via pensiero.  Loved this shot, taken outside the Olympic stadium in Rome -- such a gorgeous juxtaposition, isn't it, between the giant, ever-fit statues and the tiny, almost puny by comparison human?  Love it!)

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