Monday, March 18, 2013

Putting A Spring Back In My Step

The first day of spring is fast approaching, also known in our house as The Peanut's birthday which makes it a day of much happy celebration. 

We may even get some blooming daffodils in the yard this year just in time for the happy day.  They have been budding for a while, and the tips are starting to color bright yellow.  Ahhh, the trumpet heralds of springtime ready to pop into lovely color at the right moment.

We had a wonderfully relaxing weekend in Pittsburgh, celebrating The Peanut's birthday early this year due to impending surgery for me.  It was just what we all needed, and gave us all a welcome respite from the irritating grind of doctor's appointments and thinking about things (read:  breast cancer ickiness) way too much.

I know how much I needed a break, and I can only imagine how much The Peanut and Mr. ReddHedd needed it, too.  Things have been far too crazy at our house, lately, and we all needed a chance to just take a deep breath and get a vacation from everything.

This morning, I'm having this overwhelming urge to do the same sort of nesting that I did before The Peanut was born.  I'd like to get the house in good shape and some healthy food in the fridge ready to go before things stop for me for a little bit post-surgery.  It's crazy, but I'm a little obsessed with organizing and clearing the clutter at the moment.

I think it is the one thing I can, in some way, control about all of this and so it seems more urgent to me to be able to get it done.  Sounds crazy, but you do what you can, right?

Somehow, just putting things in better order is helping to clear my mind a bit.  The repetitive motion of doing laundry, folding laundry, putting things's a sort of zen meditation of sorts, I suppose, allowing me to empty my mind while doing it, while it allows me to do something productive without completely exhausting myself. 

If nothing else, the house will be tidy and my mind will be a little less cluttered by the end of the week, and that cannot possibly be a bad thing, right?

Today the sun is coming up, the birds are singing, and I'm trying to get a few things done while I still can.  It's nice to feel a little productive anyway, and it at least keeps my mind busy and not whirring so much on researching breast cancer.  That has to be a good thing.

In the meantime, I feel a pot or two of pansies are in my future.  I could use a little sunshine color on my porch, if for no other reason than the cheery greeting of their lovely faces first thing in the morning for a dog walk is always a good reason for a smile every Spring.  And smiles are at an all time importance level at our house right now.

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend.  We have a robin couple in the front yard, skittering away across the grass in search of their next meal.  Life is really good here this morning. 

(Photo by Christy Hardin Smith.  All rights reserved.)

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robin andrea said...

Been thinking of you and glad to read this wonderful post. Spring is beautiful and it's good to know you are enjoying every sunny, flowery moment of it.