Monday, February 11, 2013

Day 2, Survival Mode

My doctor has scheduled me for a PET scan in the morning.

What this has meant to me the last 24 hours has been personal torture of the cruelest form.  And it will continue for another 24 hours until early tomorrow.

To wit:  no coffee, no tea, no chocolate, no carbohydrates, no sugar, no alcohol...pretty much nothing fun whatsoever.

Tomorrow morning cannot come soon enough. 

(Photo via Mary Wholley.  This is some lovely latte art, I must say.  Love the organic fern look of the frothy furling.)


Darleen said...

Why the no coffee, tea, sugar, carbs, etc.??

What effect to they have on the test??

That testing protocol is "ugh".

So very, very sorry you three are having to deal with this.

I think of you *daily*, and you three are always lifted in prayer!

When I had cancer in 2001, I was so radiated I was locked in a hospital "suite" for 3 days. Made me realize I would never survive solidary confinement.

Christy Hardin Smith said...

The solution they injected me with was a concentrated radioactive tracer in glucose. Apparently, cancer cells in the lymph nodes especially suck up sugar like crazy -- so limiting carbs and caffeine prior to the test, clearing out the baffles so to speak, makes that differential more striking once they inject you with the marker solution.

It really sucked for the 48 hours I was doing it, but if it allows for a more pronounced diagnostic image, then it was worth it in this case.On the back end of all of this, waiting for the results is worse than the lead-up to the test, I have to say. But isn't that always the way? *g*

Darleen said...

That makes sense as cancer cells feed on sugar. (As does my butt, thighs, belly!)

You, B and F need to cut loose this weekend to distract from "the waiting".

BIG hugs!