Saturday, November 3, 2012


A little David Bowie, live in Paris, in 2002, singing "Changes."

You name a diet and I've probably tried it over the years.  You lose some weight, you gain it back and more, and then you rinse. lather, repeat.

What I really need is to change my eating wholesale so that what is going on my plate is a reasonable portion of mostly veggies and fruits, lean proteins and a small amount of fiber-filled carbs.  I need to start measuring again for a while to get the feel for what my portion sizes ought to be instead of eyeballing bigger and bigger amounts on my plate.

Exercise would be wonderful, and something that I can do a little of every day.

I'm not getting any younger.  If I don't do this now, when will I?

Which is a phrase I find myself saying more and more lately.  And not just about diet and exercise but about so many other dreams and wishes I have had throughout my lifetime.  Writing and sending out a book, travel to exotic places, finally getting happy with who I am and what I'm doing...figuring out who I want to be when I grow up.

You know, the usual.

Changes are going to start for me today.  Am planning a healthy brunch omelette made with some leftover steak au poivre from last night's dinner out, along with sauteed peppers and onions and whatever other appropriate veggies that I can find in the fridge and a mix of a couple of whole eggs and some egg whites.

Think I'll bake it like a big quiche so we'll have some for tomorrow, too.  Plan ahead healthy breakfast, gotta love that.

Then we'll see what gets tackled after that. 

Starting today, if it isn't a good choice, then I'll say no, choose a better path, and keep moving forward.  We'll see where making better choices day in and day out takes me.  Hopefully, by next summer, it can take me to losing 30 pounds or so if I do the eating and exercise a little better every day between now and then.  Wouldn't that be wonderful?

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