Thursday, September 20, 2012

War Of The Worlds

It has been an incredibly busy week.   Again.

It has meant grabbing food on the run and thus eating less well than I wanted.  Again.  Again.  Again.

Failing to plan really is planning to fail -- the lesson is brought home once again.  But I have no idea how to fix this in the moment, because I am exhausted and not really in the mood to deal with cleaning up our kitchen chaos, let alone sitting down to thoroughly plan a menu for next week or do any other organizing at the moment.  My to do list is so long that I'm freezing up in misery this morning.

What I really want is to curl up with a warm blanket and some hot tea in our cozy chair in front of the television and watch English period films.  (See, for example, the trailer for The Young Victoria above.  Gloriously diverting, and calling out to me today.)

Things are just topsy turvy as we try to do far too much with what little time we have, leaving far too many things to languish until we can get to them.  It is utterly overwhelming.

Sadly, it seems like that is the rule and not the exception these days, and I am struggling to find some way to manage the constant running around and chaotic mishmash. 

Something says we need more routine and less unstructured whatever, but how to insert that into an already loaded plate is beyond me this morning.  If ever there were a "Calgon, take me away!" moment, this is it.

Hence the desire to hide away in Regency England.

I have to start somewhere, so why not thoroughly clean and organize the kitchen, right?  It will certainly make dinnertime cooking more comfortable, and make me happier when I walk in the door.  If nothing else, I'll have a tidier spice rack, and that is certainly something far cheerier than what I have at the moment.

This calls for some vintage Madonna tunes and a fresh cuppa coffee.

Someone hand me a garbage bag and some cleaning supplies...I'm going in!

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