Monday, May 21, 2012

The Perils of Baby Bun Head Week

It is once again dance recital week.

Which, at our house anyway, means that mom obsesses about buying hairnets so that The Peanut's bun doesn't look malformed due to momma's lack of hair skills.  And lots and lots of bobby pins to get us through the various practices, dress rehearsal and performances.

This week is likely to be a whirlwind.  As any dance momma can tell you, costume and hair changes at light speed are not for sissies.

As a parent, I think you almost get as nervous for your child -- maybe even more -- than they do for themselves.   Funny how that works, isn't it?  Parenting is a constant balancing act of trying to not over-do it at the wrong time, but trying to not be too detached when hovering might be needed.

Now that The Peanut is headed toward the tween stage?

I'd never admit it out loud, but I'm way, way off balance trying to navigate the choppier waters of "I can do it myself" land.   Where did the time go?

It was much easier when a burp and a good nap pretty much solved most problems, wasn't it?

This week will require me to boldly go into the land of tightly pinned bun head.  Once more to the breach, stiff hair gel and small rat comb in hand, bobby pins at the ready. 

Wish me luck.  Someone keep some margaritas on hand, in case of emergency...

(Painting is, of course, by Edgar Degas and is entitled The Dance Studio.  Love this one.)

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