Thursday, May 24, 2012

Just Keep Swimming

One of the most awesome shows in all of Walt Disney World, the Finding Nemo musical is fantastic. Worth the walk around the Animal Kingdom and then some!  Enjoy the song that I hum when I need a little pick me up -- Just Keep Swimming...

This week is trying to wear me to a frazzle.

Between the end of school grade tallying and all the closing up the library for the summer work that needs to be done, dance recital practices and performances out the wazoo, and the bazillion other things that have to be done right this minute or else?  I may lose my mind entirely.

So I'm taking a bit of advice from Finding Nemo, and I'm going to just keep swimming forward and hope for the best.

Summer vacation is almost here.  Whatever is a remnant on my "to do" list will still be there tomorrow, and we'll all survive a lot better if I can swim through this with a smile on my face, right?

So sing it with me, all together now:  just keep swimming, just keep swimming...

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