Friday, May 18, 2012

Getting Pinned Down

Up to now, I had resisted the charms of Pinterest because, quite frankly, I have enough obsessive things that fill my waking moments every day as it is.

But then it occurred to me that Pinterest could be a useful idea organizing tool.  (Read:  I figured out a way to justify joining in yet another fun time sinkhole activity.  And I was off to the races!)

I've started keeping tabs on things I like here and there or things that I find useful -- for the library, for decorating, whatever strikes my fancy in the moment.

And it is really, really fun. 

I know I'm completely behind the curve on this -- friends of mine have been doing this for ages -- but it really is as much of a blast to explore other people's pages as it is to build your own.

Here's my newly hatched Pinterest page, in case you want to tiptoe through what I've pinned already.  If you are so inclined, share a link to what you are pinning so I can take a peek!

(Photo of push pins via kgantz.  Love how well-used these look while still retaining their colorful awesomeness!)

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