Thursday, April 5, 2012


The world's fattest robin is sitting in our maple tree out front right now.  I have no idea how this bird can fly, let alone sit on a branch without breaking it.

This must be the earliest bird ever, because he is certainly getting all the worms in the neighborhood and then some.

Things have been a little crazy lately -- busy, hectic and exhausting.  I think it may be that time of year for everyone, because just about everyone I know is walking around looking like they desperately need a nap or a nice, relaxing vacation or something along those lines.

Too much to do and too little time to get any of it done well.  How many of us are feeling that way all the time these days?

I'm trying to be much more conscious of the good things when they come up:  the kid who hugs me in library class and tells me she loved the book I helped her find last week; the beautiful sunshine that glistens through the newly emerged pure spring green leaves on our Japanese maple just outside the sunroom windows; the feel of Mr. ReddHedd's hand in mine when we finally have time to sit down together and exhale at the end of a long day...and how just the touch of his fingertips make mine tingle just like that first date close to 20 years ago.

Or the best of all, that moment when The Peanut heads up to bed at night and has to get in one more smooch and hug because she loves us lots.  I love that moment every single day.

Life is good.  Sometimes it is a truly helpful moment to sit back and remember all the good things about your life in the day to day -- it's a bit of respite in an otherwise stormy sea of daily insanity, and it serves as an excellent reminder to savor the little things as they are happening, not just well after the fact.

So give yourself a little respite today.  Savor the good things in your own life.  Smile more.  Laugh a little longer.  Love more deeply.  And truly live your moments to the fullest.  We all deserve it.

(Photo via El coleccionista de instantes.)

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