Monday, April 23, 2012

Let It Snow???!!!!?!!!

I wish that I were kidding, but it is snowing outside this morning.  That sort of wet snow that falls along with sleety, heavy rain.

We had barely any winter at all this year -- it was warmish, pleasant and remarkably ice free for the most part.  It's been a warm spring, in the low 80s several days, and all my perennials are up and a lot are blooming.

And now?  Snow.

There is a reason the almanac warns not to plant until the first week of May here where I live.  If that were ever going to be brought home to me, it would be today.

It isn't really enough to stick, thank goodness, but just enough to send all the neighborhood birds scurrying to my feeders in a panic.  Wish I'd picked up more bird seed this weekend.

(Music is Loreena McKennitt singing "Snow" from her album To Drive the Cold Winter Away. Felt perfect for this morning. Now if you'll pardon me, a hot cuppa coffee awaits...)

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