Monday, August 8, 2011

Shaking Off The Morning Grumpies


We are at that point in the year when I start transitioning wake-up time from the summer-tastic, sleep-in version to the "sucks to be you" early bird school version.

While I am seriously one grumpy bugger this morning, The Peanut may be in a coma.  We just aren't sure yet, because her interaction thus far today has consisted of a series of grunts. 

This, of course, just confirms that my ritual week of torture prior to the start of school is a worthwhile exercise in mental adjustment.

For us, school starts next Wednesday.  What that means for me is this:  I haven't been able to get into the school building since the first week of July due to construction work on the floors and bathrooms, so the library is still a mess and I have scanty time to finish up.  My inner perfectionist may be having heart palpatations, but it is too early in the day to know for certain.

I'll need more coffee first.

Waaaaaaaaay more coffee.

The only person in the house who is adjusting happily?  Roxie, the intrepid Westie, who is gleefully anticipating more play time and scratches because everyone is up earlier.  We've clearly done this for her needs, haven't we?  She is awfully cute.  (See above.)

Ahhhhhhhhh, we're headed back to school.  For me, it will be the first time in ages and, frankly, I'm a little nervous about it, which I'm taking as a good sign that I really want to be Marion the Librarian.

If you need me, starting Friday, I'll be shelving books and putting finishing touches on room decor like a crazy fiend starting on Friday morning when I can finally get back in the building.  Pray for some cooler weather for me, would you, otherwise I'll be sweating like a whore in church.  Which, come to think of it, could be considered a weight loss boost, couldn't it?  Boo yah, hello silver lining!

How are you doing these days?  Do tell...I could use a bit of a pick me up as I squint, bleary-eyed at my computer screen and hope for a morning miracle.

(Photo via Christy Hardin Smith of Roxie, the playful westie, and the evil hedgehog that torments her so.)

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