Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Lighten Up?

After 6+ weeks of the new Weight Watchers "points plus" plan, I'm down a whopping 3 pounds.

Whoooooooo, hold the phone!

In fairness, I had already begun eating more healthfully for 2 months prior to beginning Weight Watchers this time.  And, due to all the work getting the library ready to go, I'd been doing some pretty intense physical exercise as well (do you have any idea how heavy solid steel shelving gets after you've lugged it up two full flights of stairs?).

But three pounds??!!!???  Yikes!

Granted, during the last few weeks we flew out to AZ for a lengthy "vacation" visiting family, during which there was a wedding, a funeral and much babysitting...and not a lot of time for exercise and food planning at the level I usually do.  And because of the lengthy heat wave here, exercise for me has been spotty at best, since my joints tend to freeze up in hot, humid weather.

But, excuses aside, I'm going to sit down today and figure out how to tweak my eating.  I have stayed within my points totals every day, and I'm using fewer and fewer floating points, and yet the scale is still not budging as much as I would like.

Methinks, it is time to add in more activity, while tightening what I'm eating.  In other words, less of the stuff I love (fruit, whole grain carbs, etc.) and more of the stuff I really ought to be eating anyway (veggies, veggies, veggies).

So for at least part of today I'll be doing some menu planning with my Clean Eating, Eating For Life, and Weight Watchers cookbooks at the ready.  There has to be some way to make this work for me.

If anyone has had success in tweaking their diet, please chime in because I really need to take off several more pounds to give my joints a break.  The worst part of getting older is how much more resistant your body becomes to shedding excess weight.  Ugh.

I could use some inspiration or encouragement today, and I'd love any tips on what has worked well for you.  Basically, eat less and exercise more is what I'm doing...but clearly not nearly enough.  Or something...

(Photo via holeymoon.)

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