Monday, July 4, 2011

Starting Our Day With A Bang

We got home late yesterday, in the early evening, after having a great weekend in Pittsburgh that included a visit to Chuck E. Cheese (guess who picked that?!?), a whole day at the zoo, a movie (Cars 2 -- again, guess whose selection?), serious pool time at the hotel, and a lot of bookstore and craft store time as well.

Great weekend, all in all.

We didn't get to the science museum -- we're saving it for the next trip as we all got tuckered out after four and a half hours in the humid heat on Saturday.  We thought visiting the science museum when The Peanut was a little more fresh would be a better trip for all of us, and I think we made the right choice since she was kind of wiped for most of the day on Sunday.

We pulled into the driveway just as the heaven's dumped a toad strangler of a rainstorm in our neighborhood, and had to run for shelter and unload the car once it had died down.  Nothing like a little hail to hinder the luggage unloading process, eh?

But we started the Fourth of July this morning with a bang.  Literally.

A red squirrel had climbed the power pole outside our house, most likely on the way over to one of my bird feeders.  The little stinkers like to make stealing my birdseed into a highwire act for their own amusement.

Alas, for this squirrel anyway, he must have had his front paws on one line and his back paws on another because we were awakened today by a loud "KA-BOOM-CRACK" outside our window.

We thought, because it was rather gray outside anyway and we'd already gone through one storm last night that another storm cell must be moving through.  But we were wrong.  The Peanut looked out her window and noticed a red squirrel laying on the ground under the power pole.

This has happened once before, so we knew that was the likely culprit.  And it resulted in a trip to Denny's for some desperately needed coffee and sustenance while we waited for the power to be restored (thank you power guys who came over while we were out and fixed everything!).

We'll be having a sad squirrel burial later today, if anyone wants some unusual Fourth of July festivities. 

(Photo via theclyde.)

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