Friday, July 29, 2011

Friday Respite: A Little Michael Hoppe

The music is Michael Hoppe, playing "Farewell" from his album Solace, with the Prague Symphony Orchestra.

I love Hoppe's work, especially for doing my Artist's Way morning pages or other writing. It's very calming after a day in which your nerves have been jangled, too. Good, meditative stuff for the most part.

He has an album with the flutist, Tim Wheater, that is especially great for that kind of day. Alas, The Yearning (which is it's title) doesn't appear to be offered by Amazon even via mp3. 

The paintings are by John Atkinson Grimshaw, a Victorian-era painter whose landscapes have a certain lovely melancholy to them, especially the ones by moonlight.

They feel very Bronte sisters, don't they?

Enjoy.  Thought everyone could use a brain break this morning.  I know I needed one...

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